Media picks up Radio New Zealand's ad blunder

John Campbell

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Radio New Zealand's ad blunder for John Campbell's show

An advertising campaign for John Campbell's new show on Radio New Zealand had to be altered after using a trademarked phrase.

The line "Radio with Pictures," which featured prominently on two Auckland billboards, on air and across social media channels, had already been trademarked by content creation company Tandem in 2015.

In a detailed blog, the Christchurch business said they were willing to "defend and protect" their territory.

"I'm a big fan of John Campbell and RNZ but unfortunately our company registered the name for our new multimedia digital sales package for use on radio and online last year," Tandem managing director Dave Dunlay said.

"Radio with Pictures is an exciting new package our business is offering and consequently we had to defend and protect the trademarked name."

Radio New Zealand launched its multi-platform programme Checkpoint, fronted by Campbell on January 18.

It followed a new format which RNZ Head of content Carol Hirschfeld called "ground-breaking".

People are able to listen on radio and watch online or via Freeview.

"It's a chance for our audience to see the newsmakers, reporters and producers, a real behind the scenes look at how the show is put together," she said.

The national broadcaster only discovered an infringement when a representative for the trademark holder made contact in February.

It was an "unintentional" breach, which they had not been aware of when launching a campaign around Checkpoint.

Head of communications John Barr told the New Zealand Herald, they had since remedied the situation.

"We understand the words were registered as a trademark in November," Mr Barr said.

"The inclusion of the three words as part of work for a wider RNZ promotion campaign had already been finalised by November. As soon as RNZ was made aware of the issue, it responded."

The phrase has since been removed from billboards and has not be replaced with another message.

"There has been no significant expense to removing the references to 'Radio With Pictures' as much of that work was internal," Mr Barr added.