On The Land's dairy industry cameo on Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp

Cameo on Seven Sharp

A clip from On The Land appeared in a Seven Sharp news piece* on Wednesday night.

The report by Hadyn Jones says that “farms are being sold, farmers are going bankrupt and cows are being killed in record numbers”.

On top of all of this Fonterra has also announced that the price of milk solids has dropped by 25 cents a kilo to $3.90. 

In the news piece Seven Sharp took excerpts from the February 7 episode of On The Land.

DAA’s Kerry Adams was telling On The Land host Rob Cope-Williams, “Reality for most farmers is now is, if they get out of bed they’re losing money. They’re actually better to stay in bed because it’s not costing them money.”

“Down south we’ve got a bank that’s taken a lot of action against farmers and telling them they’ve got to sell at the end of the season because they’re pulling the funding… We know of at least 35 farms that have been told,” Adams said.

*On The Land does not own this footage. It was supplied by Seven Sharp and the copyright belongs to TVNZ. However, you can see the full interview with Kerry Adams here.